From mockup to reality – a tough way?

Thursday’s mock debate at the house of the EU focused on a fictional proposal. To help the participants getting started, a story about the US-President “Ronald Grump” gave the base for the first debate. Divided by different positions, the factions had an intense start. Is there a link to today’s discussion in the EP? In…

Keeping the EU Warm: Natural Gas Transmission Regulations

The EU is without any doubt well aware of its gas problem and it has always been. Although there are huge gas fields available in the North Sea as well as in the Groningen field in the Netherlands, Europe still cannot fully support its own gas demands. The gas collected in Europe can only fulfill the 20% of the continent demands. For such a reason the EU is called to collaborate with the natural gas providers from elsewhere outside the Union.

Martina Neuwirth (VIDC), Jozef Vasak (EU Commission), András Szigetvari (DerStandard), Claus Staringer (WU Vienna), Otto Farny (Chamber of Labour Vienna)

Tax avoidance: a never ending story

During yesterday’s opening ceremony we also got introduced into one of our main topics: tax avoidance. Claus Staringer (WU Vienna), Otto Farny (Chamber of Labour Vienna), Martina Neuwirth (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) and Jozef Vasak (EU Advisor on economic governance and European semester) opened the panel section and introduced the topic „tax avoidance“ into the frame of EU law system.

Keep calm and MEU on


We have collected some opinions regarding the panel session concerning tax avoidance practices and the mock debate concerning the new measures involving the famous fast-food chain McRonalds: Alexander Schlischansky (Minister of Hungary) „I really enjoyed the panel discussion. It was the greatest chance to get knowledge about tax avoidance practices and their impacts on the…

MEU Vienna: A review

MEU (Model European Union) is a project carried out in cooperation with BETA (Bringing Europeans Together Association) which aims at simulating the European law-making process on a micro level and making this foreseeable and transparent. Held every year in a different European country, MEU is the greatest opportunity young people between 18 and 30 have…


EU Energy independence: a long way to go

Since 2007 the European Union has been trying to deal with its energy supply issues. The solution shall come in form of a single European market for electricity and gas, solely based on reliable sources. Therefore, EU based organizations like ENTSOG and ENTSOE are trying to prepare the networks, but there are still questions to answer concerning Europe and its future needs.

Keep calm and MEU on

Welcome to the MEU Vienna 2017!

Coming from over 40 different nations but all sharing the same passion for politics and the European Union, we’re glad to introduce to all of you the big and impatient team of the MEU Vienna 2017! Who’s coming back for their third edition, who has been dreaming to participate and is finally taking part in…

Cold Gender-Facts Up For Heated Debate

  Even though there is a majority of women in this year’s MEU Vienna, it seems that the most men get their voices heard.  The question of gender-equality has been a hot topic the last couple of days, and it only got warmer, once it turned out that a only one woman so far has…

Legalization? Nice try.

„This is a proud day for the European Parliament and therefore the world“, posted Lasse Boysen yesterday after his faction Green Liberals of Europe (GLE) suggested including cannabis in the list of Tobacco products in the EU. This came as a great surprise for the other Members of the Parliament and the public. „There is…

#MEUVienna 2016 in Numbers

It’s been a great marathon, but journalists are supposed to be used to it, right? Since the conference kicked off and up until now we uploaded almost 200 photos on Flickr, made 47 posts on Facebook and Instagram and reached nearly 40,000 unique users via Twitter! Here is some more #MEUVienna data from The jEUrnal:


“Soo… you are going to Vienna to participate in some sort of roleplay?”, someone asked during a lunch break at work last week, as I was trying to explain the purpose of my upcoming four-day trip to Austria. As my colleagues were unaware of the existence of such thing as a Model European Union, I…

It’s All About Respect – and Weed

First things first: „The lying press once again misinterpreted the words of our members. This incompetence and negligence is a systemic problem within the European journalistic community“, Mr. Boysen posted recently. Actually this is not even worth mentioning. And politicians are always unsatisfied with the press (this is the way it should be). But a…

Post It

Whether the traditional paper is getting old fashioned or new challenges require quicker and more advanced technology is not easy to decide. What is sure, is that members of the Parliament turned to social media as a mean of not only communication, but also direct and not rarely on the borders of a good taste…

Honest Hopes and Bitter Disappointments

The second day of the session finished with extremely diverse impressions. The last press conference brought to mind a competition of different sentiments and feelings about the upcoming voting. Not only the ministers speaking on behalf of the Council held completely different views, but also three representatives of the Parliament did not share almost any opinions.…

The Hipster Watch

We couldn’t help but noticing that #MEUVienna politicians in great abundance nurture various degrees of “beard-ness,” and some other visible markers of modern manners. Since #MEUVienna participants are well-known for their trend-setting capacity, The jEUrnal had to have a closer look at their style to help the rest of the European political scene navigate in…


The first #MEUVienna press conference was held on the topic of the Dublin III Regulation and the Tobacco Directive. The European Parliament was represented by four members: Mr. Mojzes (EON), Mr. Chirodea (NGL), Mr. Boysen (ALDE) and Mr. Gärner (EPP), and the Council by two Ministers, Annkatrin Mies from Denmark and Maximilian Vieler from Greece. 

Who’s Who in the European Parliament

While most faction leaders come across as talkative to the press, and thus to the public, the S&D seems to isolate itself today. “We want to concentrate on the young people. It should become socially unacceptable to smoke”, said one MEP today and suggests harmonisation of the rules on a European Level.