The Night Before…

1922177_358131320991281_18607813_nDuring the opening ceremony honorable delegates were asked how they are going to prepare for the next day’s session. What followed at first sounded very ambitious:

–   I will spend the evening rereading the position paper and come up with amendments.

–   Really?

–   No.

The later – the more honest it got:

“Free beers!” (Marina)

“Not sure about drinks, but I will try to find the EPPs in the bar” (Dominik)

“Get to meet as much people as possible” (Gabriele)

“Team up with the party members to have a heavier voice tomorrow” (Pawel)

Also the organizers didn’t remain outside of the debate:

–   Go to bed and try not to drink (Nadine)

–   We all know it’s not going to happen (Daniel)

“Drink so much that it makes us immune to zombie bites, or as I would say, more human” (Ioan, chair).

Unfortunately, the world will never know whether those glorious plans were accomplished. What is in our power? To keep observing! The JEUrnal is delighted to fulfill this honorable duty.

by Vera Djemelinskaia

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