Why We Need a Woman’s Quota

1This debate is not new: Yesterday there was a question from the audience about a gender-balanced speakers list and some people were laughing. Is it because they think that this question is ridiculous? It should be ridiculous that people laughed. Men have taken their right to speak, but what about women? Mr. Bucuras said that we couldn’t force women to speak, but why are we worried about forcing women to speak? Why do they not wield their right to speak?

Men are strong and women are weak – that is a social construct. So then, why do we let this construct happen? It seems to me that 25 years of gender equality policies haven’t changed anything at all. Changing our mentality will allow the government to lead as a role model for all women who search for a way to speak. The co-signatories of the Amsterdam Treaty agreed in 1997 that males and females must be treated Now it’s 2014 and still, although there are legal regulations of equality, the implementation of these regulations remains backwards. This has been shown even today, as MEPs decided who will become faction leader.

Discussions surrounding the one faction have made it clear how politics work: a MEP took his time and appeared dedicated to his job, but left no time for others to speak. There was no vote. A democratic procedure does not work without a vote!

A democracy requires the input of all constituents, male and female alike. You have seen whose voices have spoken today. Do you want this to be your future?

I do not, and I can only hope that this will change and a female quota will help us to break the glass ceiling above our heads.

by Evangelia-Marilyn Gaitanis

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