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1170829_358769407594139_724387854_nExtraordinarily, journalists were allowed to attend today’s Council’s meeting. This proved that transparency, information exchange and respect for other professions are taken into consideration.

The majority of the Members of the Council are very much in favour to implement FRONTEX. The main topics discussed were the protection of borders, cooperation between member states, human trafficking, surveillance, and budget allocation. Unfortunately the issue of human rights of refugees was not addressed. As a role model we can mention Sweden as they want social treatment on children and people with special needs during all FRONTEX operations. Most Ministers were defending their positions and showing their major concerns in way. However, some forgot about the presence of journalists – or were they just too willing to see their thoughts printed? Is an agreement possible, when the Parliament’s amendments are considered “questionable,” “contradictory” or made by “democracy yankees”? (These statements do not entirely represent the Council members’ opinions.)

It seems, that the Members of the Council are very aware of their power. So we ask ourselves: Do they take advantage of this in their own interests? “Democracy is the worst political system” was a statement made by the representative of Croatia.

Croatia joined the EU just eight months ago.

by Lidia Zabala de la Fuente and Evangelia-Marilyn Gaitanis

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