Bad Luck for Refugees

1920275_358769137594166_1171460569_nIt is expected that the new regulation on FRONTEX, a new border agency, will pass tomorrow’s vote in the European Parliament (EP). In yesterday’s press conference all parties seemed surprisingly united in their view that FRONTEX is a big step forward. The UK and Ireland opted in.

But what chances will refugees have to apply for asylum in Europe?

This question was neither answered by the Council, nor by EPP or S&D, currently the two biggest factions in the EP.

The ways of coming to Europe legally are limited; the question whether or not refugees will have the chance to apply for asylum in European embassies around the world was ignored yesterday. Fact is, that refugees are often forced to cross into a European country illegally in order to apply for asylum. But this will be more difficult in the future. If the FRONTEX really passes tomorrow, it is a clear statement: Sorry refugees, Europe doesn’t want you.

by Benjamin and Evangelia-Marilyn Gaitanis

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