Gossip and Errors

1891188_359222914215455_1992773133_nAs we had to meet expectations of our honorable audience, here come a few GOSSIPS we managed to collect:
  • Some female MEPs fancy some of the male chairmen.
  • Since none of the journalists managed to get a USB stick by the third day of the conference, they had to employ Viennese pigeons to exchange articles.
  • According to Facebook, France and Germany declared war on Italy and Cyprus. The outcome is not known
  • The lady from the canteen has a crush on one of the MEP from the EPP. If he is interested too, he can send an email to schnitzel@hotmeal.com.


The JEUrnal deeply regrets making some mistakes and apologizes for the ERRORS:

  • A Council Minister was misquoted. The Minister who stays unnamed didn’t speak of “democracy yankees” but of “democracy junkies.”
  • The first newspaper stated a wrong date. We are sorry, we’ll check with the calendar next time.
  •  We received a threatening phone call from the vampire union and now want to clarify that not all the mermaids are vampires. We recommend watching Noam Chomsky speaking on Zombies and the Apocalypse: http://bit.do/chomskyMEU (seriously)
  • Opinion of the journalists doesn’t necessarily comply with opinion of the other journalists, participants, organizers and the common sense.

by Vera Djemelinskaia and Benjamin

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