Not a Total Truth?

DSC_0485Dear Ministers,

We want to inform you that we don’t write something we know from third-hand. Please keep that in mind for further simulations. If you want that some information should be mentioned then come to us and give as an interviews or answer our questions.

It’s not very professional when a journalist wants some statement during coffee breaks and Ministers say that they have now(!) no time as they have a very formal discussion. We just have coffee breaks to talk to you (besides parties – and so we did).

Yesterday it was for sure an exception when we were allowed to enter the Council and we gave an overview about what all Ministers said and sorry but the main thing was – budget, protection of external boarders and alliance between member states. We know that you are aware about human rights and you discuss this but well you did not mention it in a way that we should write about it. We are not just seeking for information that is just for your entertainment as the Minister of Belgium said in an interview yesterday.  What we do is to be critical as we are not secretaries that are writing protocols.

by Evangelia-Marilyn Gaitanis

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