Time Pressure

IMG_0488 (2)“House, please come to order, we are under a tight schedule,” said the chair repeatedly in the last two days. The session on the first day started late. Parliamentary discussions took long. But then, suddenly everything had to happen quickly. One MEP was overheard saying that he “won’t read any amendment that is longer than a tweet.”

Eventually, voting on amendments was a quick process. As another MEP told jEUrnal on Friday, “We were confused by the fast handling of it by the chair.” The chair had not had lunch that day and was eager to leave for dinner at a “Heuriger” which is far away from Parliament. As a consequence, the press conference was canceled; no parliamentarian answered questions nor was any reporter from jEUrnal or any other media outlet informed about what happened in the Council.

Was it democracy that suffered only because everyone was hungry? Daniel B., member of the Council, was the only one making a public statement on Friday. He posted on Facebook: “The Council will have the last laugh.” B. has a habit of attracting negative attention. Yesterday evening he declared war on Italy and Cyprus without consulting his party first.

by Benjamin

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