True Diplomats

1888682_358871640917249_1033477962_nThe main achievements of the fruitful debate were finally presented to the general public on Saturday night. With the Parliament already having decided on amendments and Council still hoping to vote on them in the Sunday’s session, journalists had plenty of questions for the panelists. However since rhetoric skills of the diplomats obviously exceed journalistic talents of the press team, The JEUrnal failed to submit a newsworthy report on the conference. Here are a few remarks that we managed to filter out:

It was a “pretty good day” for the Greens, since they wanted to dismiss the entire directive, but at least managed to remove Article 5.3;

EPP was deeply concerned about the refugees’ rights, however stressed that “interests of our population should be protected”;

Council added that “it is not really an issue affected by Frontex”;

ALDE argued that even the proposed 21 months time limit for the temporary working contract is not enough, because “businessmen need time to decide” whether to make contractors full time employees;

ECR confessed that they were against the whole proposal, but failed: “we are not satisfied”;

Greens faced difficulties in answering the questions regarding ‘tomorrow’, since it is still hard “to digest the outcome of today”;

However by the end the audience did get a true scoop: Council was very eager to share exciting and unprecedented news, that UK became “part of an amazing project” and opted-in the Frontex regulation.

by Vera Djemelinskaia

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