Gender Balance

Source: Handshake man - women by Flazingo Photos (

Source: Handshake man – women by Flazingo Photos (

In the frames of the European Union it is taken for granted that both genders are and should be treated equally. Unfortunately, though, it has been shown that the majority of business enterprises tends to hire a great percentage of male applicants, especially for leading positions. Women appear to be less preferred in the decision-making bodies, despite the fact that they are equally qualified as men. In order to eliminate this phenomenon or at least limit it, it is necessary to investigate and precisely define the reasons which are to be blamed. Only then respective measures can be taken and legislations executed from the European Commission and Parliament.

First, we have to dispense with the following concept that women cannot act rationally and that their decisions are highly affected by their emotions, something. Women can handle issues professionally and logically – a fact proved by historical examples (e.g. Margaret Thatcher) or the topicality (e.g. Angela Merkel). There are dynamic women, very determined ones and at the same time there are also men, who are too emotional or indecisive. Female gender does not lack leading, decision-making skills.

It just needs the opportunity and time to prove so.

Secondly, many employers think that a lot of women plan to have a child at some point in their life. Since they are going to be paid during maternity leave, companies consider this fact purely as a financial loss. This is a cynical concept, opposed to human rights and profit orientated. Enterprises tend to interpret everything into numbers and devaluate in this way human life.

Various legislations could urge companies to hire equal gender diversity of employees. Let alone the fact that the female population is in almost every – if not in every – member state much higher than the male one.

However, instead of taking hard measures it would be better if the private sector would not be made but encouraged to increase the female presence in decision making bodies of companies. This could be achieved by various European programs, which would allow enterprises with gender diversity to enjoy greater advantages in order to be competitive. Their development would be proof of the valuable female contribution, which would motivate other businesses to follow their way. Moreover, studies have shown that boards composed of equal numbers of men and women at the top positions perform better financially and are more competitive. Proposals, ideas and decisions made by partners of different genders are more balanced and successful, because they are achieved after various perspectives were taken into consideration. Female presence could also be interpreted as financially beneficial. The European Union is however trying to enforce the gender diversity in companies by implementing legislations, giving motivations and suggesting actions and programs of growth.

Equality between women and men is a fundamental value for the Union and is therefore being enhanced in any way. Besides, economic growth requires social harmony, for which equal chances and rights between the two genders are vital.

By Marsida Toska

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