MEU Vienna: Instruction Manual

1902007_358330254304721_1232703595_nYou… the Delegates

Who breaks the news and what do you have to do with it? How does it help you to get the votes? What are the Do’s and Dont’s in this process? Welcome to The MEU jEUrnal: survival kit for every MEU politician.

When you see one of the journalists during the MEU, they will probably be asking you questions about things you can’t or don’t want to talk about. They will also approach you during the breaks (when else?), which might seem a bit annoying. But bear in mind: the more they find out, the better informed you will be the next day.

On the other hand though, there might be things that could get you into quite some trouble. Be prepared to answer some hard questions. MEU is real: just like the debates in the Parliament or the Council. The bottom line is ‘co-operate’: you can’t survive without each other.

In the end though, you will find out that journalists don’t bite and will leave you to your lunch/dinner once they get their job done.

We… the jEUrnalists

As a regular participant of the MEU Vienna, you might just see us during the break looking over your shoulder eagerly to catch a glimpse at your secret notes, chasing one of your colleagues with the most annoying questions through the break area – and after that devouring their lunch in three quick bites just to chase another MEP or minister with their camera…

We are talking of course about the journalists covering the MEU Vienna for all of its participants.

We, a team of six, are going to do round-ups of what happened the previous day, analyze your decisions and try to make sense of it all.

The truth is, there is a lot of work coming up and we really would love to join the social events once the debate is over instead of preparing the morning issue, editing photos and making online posts. You’ll recognize us by our red name tags and our stressed out appearance!



Editors of The jEUrnal

Vera and Levin



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