1922374_358770020927411_1184943221_nWe say, the premiere of Model European Union Vienna was a great success! If you are skeptical and would dare to challenge this statement, or simply would enjoy peeking through a keyhole – here are a few excerpts from the last year’s conference reviews: thejeurnalmeu.wordpress.com.

‘Regulating’ Borders, Workers and the Zombie Apocalypse: With the Frontex Regulation and the Temporary Workers Directive to be agreed upon in the following days, ‘flexecurity’ (flexibility and security) became the term most often mentioned during the opening ceremony. […]

“We can’t throw all undead in the same category,” a delegate who introduced himself as MEP from Transylvania responded. “Zombies and vampires have nothing in common. This proposal is very discriminatory.”

Error 404: Democracy Not Found: It seems, that the Members of the Council are very aware of their power. So we ask ourselves: Do they act in their own interests?

Dear Friends, More or Less: “Principle of worker protection is a good principle,” addressed the audience speaker of ECR. “I keep receiving mails from my voters that they are afraid of losing their jobs”. […]“We are in favor of flexibility rather than security, but we will respect suggestions from the S&D,” said the EPP speaker and added “Please remember, we have quite a few votes in the Parliament”.

Love Story: Even though the MEPs and Ministers were extremely busy “deciding Europe”, The JEUrnal initiated a careful investigation, which proved that the Valentine’s Day did take place during the Vienna MEU 2014.

Tension Before the Vote: The final votes haven’t been set yet. However, some forecasts are already in the air. Here are a few thoughts from MEPs and Ministers: “The final outcome? That is a pretty mean question”.

Gossip and Errors: […] Some female MEPs fancy some of the male chairmen. […] The lady from the canteen has a crush on one of the MEP from the EPP. If he is interested too, he can send an email to schnitzel@hotmeal.com. […]A Council Minister was misquoted. The Minister who stays unnamed didn’t speak of “democracy yankees” but of “democracy junkies.”

by Vera


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