Focus on… MEP adventures

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

The first debate between MEP regarding the GDPR was held yesterday and the atmosphere was good until the discussion about the 26 AMENDMENTS began!

It was implied in an almost patronising way that the MEPs did not read the regulation as the Commissioner briefed in his introduction. He defined standard terms as « data subject », « controller », the notions of « explicit consent » and of « transparency . » Thanks dear Commissioner !

Then, many questions were asked by the Parties dealing with the right to be forgotten of article 17, the applicability of the regulation to social networks and to public institutions as well as the costs for the companies, etc…

The Commissioner was asked to clarify this right:

First, the right to data portability means that « the data subject has the right to get his data in full from a social network for example in a readable way with his consent. They will have the choice to upload information in different social network. It is a data flow but it requires explicitly to use consent.» Secondly, the aim of this provision is to «let users/data subjects switch between social networks and between services provided in general.  Any kind of service provider usually try to impose  a rock garden when you are locked into a cage and cannot get out of there anymore because your data is locked in there».  But do not panic, the GDPR will save you !!

Moreover, thanks to the EFD party, we also learn a new word !! « We completely disagree on this regulation, we want to set the rules on the national territory. We do not want the EU super-State anymore, neither EUcracy.»

Opening statement:

SD Poland Nuspl took the chance to stress out a vital point that didn’t really get much attention: how could we be sure that each company who breaks the law regarding Data Protection will pay the huge fines scheduled in the GDPR?
Actually, no proper answer was than given. What a shame.

EPP Germany Milinovic pointed out the need to gain the commitment of each companies, allowing them to create directly their own “Controller”. The core of this idea would be to not charge all companies with a new and powerful European Authority, but to give them more autonomy.

What then happened with MP ECR UK Budeci heated up the Parliament and led some MPs to impose themselves on our “arena”. In his point of view, it seemed like that the mechanism related to the GDPR could only stop the dynamic process of European Economy. Crisafulli, speaking in behalf of the Nordic Green Left–Ireland, highlighted the fact that arguing about economics instead of constructively discussing the security of European citizens would have been a great threat to human rights.

The answer of Budeci was surprising: “With a better economy, we can also protect human rights”.
It was much of a shower with caustic soda.

MP from Spain took the lead: she pointed out that her country has one of the best Data protection system, and invited Budeci, his country and his party to become more active in the process of Data protection and obviously privacy.

Budeci wanted to have the last word. His conclusion was bitter but effective. Actually, more effective than a huge shark bite: why should we learn from a country which cannot cope with economics and human rights?

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