Behind the Scenes: Couloir Talks

Photo: Tara MCLeod Williams

Photo: Tara MCLeod Williams

The #MEUVienna is clearly about the debate, but also those, who create it. What concerns the participants? What remains on the ‘top’ once the official agenda is exhausted? The jEUrnal followed a few conversations – beyond the conference venue.

– Doesn’t matter what age you are, but as long as there is no Nobel Prize, I think I haven’t achieved anything.
– Yeah, right? I am deeply intimidated by the fact that Emma Watson is already a UN Ambassador and I am still interning at the OSCE.

– When you try to speak Russian you look like a bad gangster from an action movie.
– When I try to speak Viennese I turn into a grumpy old guy.

– And over there on the top you can see a Rathausman – his shoe size is incredibly huuu…
– I have a question, is there also a “Rathaus-woman”?

-Did you hear that yesterday someone got lost and took a taxi to the hotel? From Schottenrig. Two streets. Crazy.
-Actually a group got lost during the City Hall tour inside the City Hall, and dialed the MEU emergency number. Instead of one group, we found three.

-During the MEU in Belgrade journalists were really only hunting for gossip
-I know, it was Constantin leading the team.
-No, it was a British girl.
-Ah, it was Kyrill!
-Right, but not in Belgrade, in Zagreb.

-Remember the ministers from the press-conference? Yesterday they were late for the session and had to dance Gangam Style with the chair in front of everyone.
-Was the chair also late?
-Well, no, but he joined.

By Vera Djemelinskaia

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