In Focus… The First Press Conference

Photo: Lara Kontoratchi

Photo: Lara Kontoratchi

While the debate between the MEP is supposed to be about the content of the regulation (GDPR), they are still debating about their preferences between a directive and a regulation. Waste of time maybe…

Nevermind, during the 1st press conference, MEP of S&D, EPP, NGL and EFD answered to several questions about the GDPR debate process.

In a nutshell, the most radicals are undoubtedly the representatives of EFD. As they said they «are kind of dissatisfied with today talks» and want to fight against the «bureaucratic monster which will prohibit kind of competition between different member States».

MEU: «bureaurocratic monster» you said? Do you have any statistics or experiences to provide a basis to your remark?

Gregor Schneider: You will see in the articles that there is once again an «EUcratic» solution putting in place. It will give complex provisions where it is not really lightly that all of those provisions can be effectivly enforced.

Regarding the articles, NGL and EPP representatives (Miss Niny Gabrych and Sandra Milinovic) are sensitive to the amendment of articles 25 and 35 of the GDPR dealing with  representatives of controllers and data protection officer to make those provisions more clear and readable. Otherwise, they seems to be strongly in favor of this regulation « to give more and more rights for Human in the EU» recognizing that «the economy is also important for individuals in the EU». So philosophical!!

For Verity Smith, the representative of S&D, «the regulation could look really different if some amendments are adopted, if S&D amendments are voted full and some others against.» Sounds logical anyway, but the interesting point can be that her party is very in favor of «strong issue sanctions» and she hope that some countries already fulfill some of the requirements of the regulation. She is optimistic…

Let’s see what will be others parties point of view during the 2d and last press-conference today.

by Lara Kontoratchi

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