The Food Scoop

Photo: Vera Djemelinskaia

Photo: Vera Djemelinskaia

A Model European Union can be stressful at times. So after all the preparation, official and in-officialnegotiations, meetings and voting procedures, what a participantis deeply longing for is food. But some things have gone wrong,deeply wrong – and left participants hungry. Hungry for food though, or hungry for the truth?

On the second evening of the MEUconference the parliamentarians, the ministers, the press team as well as the organizing team went to a Viennese restaurant which we will refer to as “Newton‘s” for now. After the arrival, the participants had to realize that only 86 instead of a 100 places were reserved, the organizers could still provide the emails with the original orders made.

After the first problem was sorted out though, the next one arrived: The Schnitzels were coming at a very low speed, and when one table in a corner of the restaurant finally received the last Schnitzel, every single one of the orders was welcomed with a big round of applause. Furthermore, the spinach dumplings had been turned into egg dumplings and even the dessert, an Austrian chocolate cake, could not live up to the expectations as to the strange whipped cream on the side.

One essential lesson is to be taken away from the evening: Don‘t go to Newton‘s. Just don‘t.

By Levin Wotke

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