Data Protection in Big Mother Europe

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

The jEUrnal-reporter Alessia Giorgiutti listened to the Opening Statements in the Council on the GDPR to get a sense of what to expect from the countries.

LUXEMBOURG: The minister defined Luxemburg as a sort of a financial monster, which, according to our opinion, could be a greedy dragon craving for a strong Data regulation just to bulwark its cavern filled with gold and treasures.

GERMANY: Whereas Germany’s minister stressed the importance of not violating privacy and data protection, what seems clear is that Germany claims that for transparency, which in this case invariably means that if information is needed, authorities should have access to every available source without any restriction.

FRANCE: According to France, many amendments should be made. As Portugal’s Darth Vader, Bohaček indicates the Right to be forgotten as the groundstone of GDPR and Data security. France’s Minister, harmonized in a diplomatical way with Germany, is deeply concerned for privacy. POLAND: Poland, as one of the Power Rangers, wants to join all the efforts in one: Big Mother Europe. Fortunately, it is aware of the difficulties to make this Utopia of the “European Family of Love” come true. A very good proposal was actually to reduce bureaucracy in data transfer at all levels.

IRELAND: Ireland’s minister a.k.a. the Thug, started his speech underlining the fact that all the giants of Big Data have settled in his
country not only because of the same language or the perfect location between U.S. and Europe, but also because of Ireland’s innovative attitude and openness to Dialogue.

By Alessia Giorgiutti

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