Focus On… Notes

Photo: Lara Kontoratchi

Photo: Lara Kontoratchi

Making coalitions and seeking for supporters during debating sessions is something that requires discretion and confidentiality. That’s why “note-exchange” exists. It reminds us of cheating by passing notes or comments in school behind the back of the teacher. Yes, yes, honourable ministers and parliamentarians, we are aware of the fact that they belong to the procedural rules, but be honest, it is fun writing and receiving them, isn’t it?

Let’s zoom in on them:

“Are the Greens going to vote against A5?”

“We’ve decided not to have party discipline, so everyone can vote the way they want to” Others are more independent.“ Or, as another ALDE MEP mentioned later, “The S&D fraction functions like the Soviet Union. One guy tells the rest what to do.”

Another note sent to EFD from ALDE, “Please say: transgenders do not exist. You are either man or woman.”

After an EFD parliamentarian received the note, he raised his hand and repeated the words asked. Why would he do that? Well, let’s say that a little bird told us that EFD was interested in ALDE’s support on amendments in exchange.

“We call upon you – dear followers – to send a strong signal to the Council by including medium sized enterprises. Let’s change European gender culture and solve one of the biggest problems of modern times.” – Finally, a typical parliamentarian note.

by Lara Kontoratchi and Marsida Toska

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