MEP fears that time constraints lost parliamentarians a majority of the amendments on Data Protection

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

Photo: Tara McLeod Williams

As yesterday’s voting saw only three of over twenty proposed amendments on Data Protection actually passed, it has been suggested that the constraints on time and lack of communication between fractions may be the reason. Tara Williams has the story.

MEPs were left, to be fair, a little shocked and disappointed by the result in yesterday morning’s votes as only articles 16, 18 and 19 made the chopping block out of a reported 26.

Mattijs Van Miert, ALDE Finland says it’s “something which we can learn from as we have to work together”.

“It did have a lot to do with having very little time and for such a complicated regulation of 60 pages there were many technical issues so it was hard to talk to people”

He adds “some fractions were equally as big and the problem was that they were too busy to draw their own conclusions in what little time we had.”

However, time constraints or not, writing up, negotiating and voting on amendments is always a laborious process; one which all MEPs seemed to have adapted to as the day progressed.

For the new quota on Gender Equality the time limitation remains the same. So far it is reported that 18 amendments have been put forward by various party members.

by Tara MCLeod Williams

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