Instead of an Editorial

thumb_509A8193_1024 copyOne of my first serious assignments was a story for which I had to get a comment from several top politicians of my country. It was 9 am, and who am I kidding, I was shivering while dialing those numbers. Mr. Prime Minister picked up: „Yes“. I introduced myself and the newspaper I worked for (a very reputable one). What I heard back was a sigh. Then a click. He hung up on me.

It was indeed many years ago and in a country far far away.  A sad reality in some dusty politics – maybe, but in no case should this ever happen within the walls of MEU Vienna.

Journalism has a great impact on politics, and the other way around – policy makers do define what we report on. The cynergy is indeed fascinatnig. And that is what we are going to explore in the next few days.

MEU Vienna has a great tradition of re-creating this side of decision-making process. Let‘s work together: the more you give, the more you get back when it comes to communication and media. I suggest dropping the old talk on why media is not delivering in the way it is supposed to. No worries, the jEUrnalists will be there for you, EU and the world peace – and they will be expecting the same from your side.


Vera Djemelinskaia


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