Tips from the Dinasaurs

Meet Tomáš and Manuel: Both experienced MEU participants, you will find them among the chairs, steering the debates during the sessions of this year’s conference. The jEUrnal asked them to share their best MEU anecdotes and advice.

TomasTomás Novák, or just Tom, 24 years old and from the Czech Republic. When not studying, he is juggling with paragraphs working as a paralegal. He calls himself the kind of chair, who doesn‘t want to be bored:

  • My first MEU-experience was last year in the MEU Vienna, however I had participated in local models in the Czech Republic. I keep coming back because I love the competitive atmosphere, and people are always inspiring.
  • What I like the most about the MEU is having a serious discussion, then just relax and have a beer (cannot deny my Czech roots).
  • The most embarrassing thing I have ever done at a MEU, is probably almost sleeping last year during the final day. My friend sitting next to me was just pushing me to vote yes or not.

Tom’s best MEU-tips: 

When at the conference, be creative. Don’t be afraid of anything or anyone.

During the social programme, go out of your comfort zone and meet people. Don’t stay alone.

ManuelManuel Kostka, student, is a true MEU-veteran: The 29-year-old Austrian loves heated debates and has already no less than five simulations on his CV. This time around he has been promoted to the president of the European Council – watch out, Donald Tusk!

  • My first MEU-experience was MEU Zagreb. I kept coming back, because I think it is fun to walk in someone else‘s shoes.
  • My most memorable MEU-experience was the first time an amendment, I drafted, passed.
  • The most embarrassing thing I have ever done at a MEU, was being forced by the chair to dance ‚gangnam-style‘ in front of everyone, because I was late.

Manuel’s best MEU-Tips: 

When at the conference, build alliances, and try to understand the positions of your colleagues. Don’t be late 🙂

During the social programme have fun, and don’t forget to relax a little and stop drafting amendments.

by Rikke Mathiassen

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