Behind The Scenes

IuliaI am sure you’re all wondering what we do all day while you are debating and negotiating. It’s most probably something quite different than what you imagine right now. Even myself, while signing up for the MEU Vienna, had a completely different idea in mind. I pictured myself running around all the time, interviewing participants on different topics and taking pictures – doing all at the very same time.

However, because we have a well-prepared and well-segregated team of journalists, we don’t have to do everything at the same time or by ourselves. We still juggle between tweeting live, taking pictures and writing under the pressure of time, but because we have a good structure, the articles are always ready when The jEUrnal needs to be printed.

The jEUrnal and our work consists of research and fact analysis and, this might come as a surprise for you, a little bit of debate between the team. We try to prepare the best pieces of information, because journalism itself is the best way of communication between politicians and the people. We collect information from the Parliament and from the Council and communicate it to the online world through tweets and pieces of articles, published on the blog.

While you will be reading this, my colleagues, Vera, Rikke, Daniela, Alexandra, Michael, and myself would have finished our morning tasks and would have already started with the preparation of tomorrow’s jEUrnal.

If you know of something worth mentioning, don’t be shy, come and say “Hi” – we’ll be happy to meet you.

By Iulia Matei

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