Does the Dublin III Regulation Objectify the People?


Photo: Michael Mayrhofer

Straight after their arrival, Members of the European Parliament were immediately thrown into a deep and substantive discussion. The session began with Mr. Commissioner’s speech ,which in a great detail described the assumptions of the proposed Dublin III Regulation.

The speeches kicked off with a short and clear statement by the representative of ALDE, who exhibited a full support for the Regulation. This positive statement was followed by a drastically opposite point of view of the ECR, whose representative distinctly pointed to the national governments as responsible for taking decisions. Apparently, the faction warmly welcomed the idea of the Hot Spots as an effective method to discourage a secondary movement of the asylum seekers.

The new faction Europe of Nations introduced their statement with a preaching appeal “Open your eyes!”. The group claimed to offer a constructive critique and fight for “keeping the member states out of the cage”. The aim of the EPP is to secure the lives. “We are the party of Poland, of Hungary, but also of Syria and Turkey!” emphasised their leader and called for listening to all of the perspectives.

The speaker of Greens reminded that every European country can be proud of high living standard and “not only Germany” should be promoted among the refugees. The NGL emphatically stated that as a party “they are opposing every system criminalising the people” and they believe, that the Regulation objectifies the people and fails to protect minors. S&D finished with a strong statement emphasising the incompleteness of the proposal, which lacks a common asylum policy as sooner or later “every country will be touched by the crisis”.

by Aleksandra Ćwik

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