12773021_10205542939633442_2054445651_oThe first #MEUVienna press conference was held on the topic of the Dublin III Regulation and the Tobacco Directive. The European Parliament was represented by four members: Mr. Mojzes (EON), Mr. Chirodea (NGL), Mr. Boysen (ALDE) and Mr. Gärner (EPP), and the Council by two Ministers, Annkatrin Mies from Denmark and Maximilian Vieler from Greece. 

No migrants should be able to enter the EU.

When asked if the distribution of the asylum seekers should be gender sensitive, Mojzes replied, that “we are against the distribution of any kind, because we think that no foreigner should enter, well, only as a tourist maybe, but otherwise no migrants should be able to enter the EU.”

Fair chances for everybody.

Boysen stated that “everybody should have the same rights” when applying for asylum and that “any human regardless of race, gender and faith has the right to the same kind of protection.”

The current situation plays in role in the future acceptance of refugees

EPP representative believes, that the acceptance of refugees in the future relies on today’s situation. This “will play an important part of the comprehensive plan that the social democrats and the people’s party are debating on: how to redistribute the asylum seekers fairly”, he said.

E-Cigarretes are not healthier than regular tobacco.

Mr. Vieler stated, that “E-cigarettes are not healthier than the regular tobacco and Greece is trying to get them out of the country”, he said.

When asked what the most controversial and debated part of the directive was, both Ministers agreed, that the distinction of e-cigarettes from regular ones was the most popular subject of debate. They both acknowledged that because of the Tobacco Directive, several countries deal with the fear of facing economic deficits.

by Iulia Matei

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