When I Grow Up…

24668105174_878d9a7a35_kExcept for unforgettable stories, real friendships and pictures with a microphone, #MEUVienna gives priceless experience and loads eager heads of participants with practical and inestimably useful knowledge. But how can one use it to approach his or her future goals? What are the dreams and ambitions of our participants? Let us take a look at a few ideas. 

Aicha El Waqf, Morocco 

“My definitive aim is to become a diplomat. This would be a final dreamed step of my career, however, I am aware how much work is still to be done in order to accomplish the goal. Diplomats do not think about an answer, they have an immediate and logic reply just after they hear the question. Their knowledge is huge and covers all the fields. As a citizen of Morocco I am especially aware of the value of education. Our national school system needs basic changes, there is a huge deficit of people who speak foreign languages. And that is a pity, because like this, nobody in the world can discover their potential.”

Neli Tsekova, Bulgaria 

“As a graduate I have already started my career. It was natural for me to go to the civil service where I work as a junior expert in the administration to the Council of the Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. If would pursue a further career in an EU institution, it would be only as an expert, I prefer to give advice and take responsibility for implementing proposals.”

Agron Beqiri, Macedonia 

“My future goals are to pursue the academic and political career, and to make the world better place to live. Participating in MEU Vienna could open many doors in the future. Connection and interaction are very important in politics and in this case MEU offers a lot.”

by Aleksandra Ćwik

12768071_10154043441729078_1851050131_oThe jEUrnal went beyound the mainstream reporting and conducted own survey. In 10 years, we expect a great battle to spark between the EU and UN over who will get more of the #MEUVienna stars. The rest humbly agreed to lead: as presidents or CEOs. 
You were probably wondeting what is hidden behind the “other” category? Why keep a secret: “Whatever, but not sitting in an office,” psychotherapist, administrator of a port, and finally, “Unemployed, as any political science graduate.”

by Iulia Matei and Vera Djemelinskaia


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