Honest Hopes and Bitter Disappointments

24674451413_48beb03271_k.jpgThe second day of the session finished with extremely diverse impressions. The last press conference brought to mind a competition of different sentiments and feelings about the upcoming voting. Not only the ministers speaking on behalf of the Council held completely different views, but also three representatives of the Parliament did not share almost any opinions.

Danish representative Matthias Humer from ECR expressed his satisfaction related to the debates and called the day productive, only to receive a strong voice of opposition from Valentina Petkovic, representing France in S&D. From her point of view, the Council has committed a mistake of far-reaching consequences by ignoring her faction’s proposal about the educational project in Europe. The project assumes rising European’s children awareness and sensitivity towards the various cultures of migrants, but, surprisingly, it was also the only issue on which both ministers, Charlotte Elizabeth Martin from Belgium and Mihai Razvan Dobai from Poland, agreed. Polish minister, known for her firm and controversial value system, also this time, did not fail to deliver a bold speech revealing her threat of immigrants form the Middle East. Ms. Petkovic’s emotionally responded with the words: “Maybe if we were all stoned in the Parliament we wouldn’t be afraid of migrants!”

Ironically, this rather colloquial remark perfectly matches another transparent issue which appeared during today’s Parliament’s sitting. Especially the representative Christoph Posch as the agent of a newly established faction GLE expressed his great satisfaction regarding the new definition of “tobacco” products in the discussed directive. If the amendment passes, European “tobacco” will also mean products made of cannabis.

by Aleksandra Ćwik

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