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notesWhether the traditional paper is getting old fashioned or new challenges require quicker and more advanced technology is not easy to decide. What is sure, is that members of the Parliament turned to social media as a mean of not only communication, but also direct and not rarely on the borders of a good taste lobbying. It was difficult to oversee that especially the Saturday’s session focusing on the Tobacco Directive was vigorously commented via Facebook, which became a stage for a truly captivating spectacle starring the leader of the GLE faction in a main male role.

Apparently, his exuberant pro-cannabis campaign did not meet with the total consent of other active on Facebook members of the Parliament. There appeared remarks like: “Please raise this in the EP rather than unofficial channels”.

We found some of the notes that were passed through the Council and Parliament and we must be honest, they were really funny. Did we make you curious?

See it for yourself:

“Come to the right side. We have cookies.”

“Take the pain away from the EU, sisters and brothers.”

“-I think that the guy from ***** had a really rough night.

-Oh yes, he’s clueless right now.”

Whoever said, that politicians can’t show feelings, never saw this note: 

“We’re not heartless, we just ripped out yours, so we have plenty <3 <3 <3 <3 Party of love.”

Modern times call for modern measures:

“Please write me your Facebook name in order to send you the draft about the hotspots.”

by Iulia Matei and Aleksandra Ćwik

P.S. For those, who particularly suffer from the #MEUVienna nostalgia, here are some more masterpieces of diplomatic correspondence that were kindly passed on to the jEUrnalists.








Photos by Iulia Matei


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