Cold Gender-Facts Up For Heated Debate



Ministers of the Council, Charlotte Elisabeth Martin and Adriana Martins Pereira, think that there is a gender-imbalance that needs to be discussed.

Even though there is a majority of women in this year’s MEU Vienna, it seems that the most men get their voices heard. 

The question of gender-equality has been a hot topic the last couple of days, and it only got warmer, once it turned out that a only one woman so far has participated in a trilogue meeting. “We agreed, that the Council would be best represented by the current chairmanship and the next one, Netherlands and Slovakia, which both happen to be men”, the Minister of Luxembourg, Trayan Dimitrov, explained. However, according to Belgian minister, Charlotte Elisabeth Martin, the gender imbalance is almost as present in the MEU, as it is in real life politics. “I think at times our male counterparts feel more entitled to speak”, she said. Statistics collected on Saturday in the Parliament, which consists of 60 percent women, might suggest that she has a point: Within one and a half hour 14 women got their name on the general speakers list, while double as many men raised their voices. However, MEP Valentina Petkovic representing the S&D denies that there should be a general problem: “I really think, there are no gender differences within the Parliament. We are all discussing”, she told The jEUrnal.

by Rikke Mathiassen and Daniela Prugger

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