It’s All About Respect – and Weed


First things first: „The lying press once again misinterpreted the words of our members. This incompetence and negligence is a systemic problem within the European journalistic community“, Mr. Boysen posted recently. Actually this is not even worth mentioning. And politicians are always unsatisfied with the press (this is the way it should be). But a public allegation of us lying? Are you serious, Mr. Boysen?

This is just a simulation, but sadly a lot of people in the “real” world think that way. “The Media” has a lot of influence and responsibility – as some of you might have experienced also during MEU. A misuse of this power is wrong.

Journalism plays an important role in society: We try to inform and clarify but also have the duty to criticize the things that are going wrong in society. Don’t forget that, especially in times like these, when it became so easy to blame the “lying press”.

Also I want to add some last words to this editorial: MEU is a great chance to learn, to make new friends – and apparently: to legalize weed by changing the definition of tobacco products. Not bad, guys, not bad.

But this is a Goodbye. Three days of fun pass quickly and we’ve reached our last issue of The jEUrnal. Hopefully you take some inspiration with you.

And for those who already have the MEU-blues: Model European Union will be back next year.

It was a great pleasure to work with you.

by Daniela Prugger

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