Legalization? Nice try.

12776897_10205546008510162_1308519379_o„This is a proud day for the European Parliament and therefore the world“, posted Lasse Boysen yesterday after his faction Green Liberals of Europe (GLE) suggested including cannabis in the list of Tobacco products in the EU. This came as a great surprise for the other Members of the Parliament and the public. „There is no justification for excluding a healthier alternative to tobacco in a directive about smokable substances“, Boysen and his colleagues from the former factions Greens, ALDE and NGL argue.

However, even though the majority of the MEPs approved the amendment, it is highly unlikely that they will have success in bringing their request through the Council. Hypothetically, if the Council would support the amendment, it still would not mean the legalization of cannabis in the European Union: The competence regarding the enforcement of drug policies within the EU lies with the national governments and not in the least with the European parliament.

This, of course, makes The jEUrnal wonder, if the members of GLE ever sought any form of expertise regarding the cannabis legalization issue or informed themselves on the legal ground of amendments at all.

At yesterday’s press conference Christoph Posch from GLE was asked if his faction’s amendment had any kind of effect on the nation states legislation. He responded: “This is just a small step towards real legalization of cannabis.” The jEUrnal is not sure if that is pure optimism or the clouded judgement of a former Green parliamentarian who decided that the fate of his faction was liberalisation.

by Daniela Prugger and Michael Mayrhofer

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