We have collected some opinions regarding the panel session concerning tax avoidance practices and the mock debate concerning the new measures involving the famous fast-food chain McRonalds:

  • Alexander Schlischansky (Minister of Hungary)
    „I really enjoyed the panel discussion. It was the greatest chance to get knowledge about tax avoidance practices and their impacts on the European countries. It is a very controversial topic which tends to divide European countries rather than uniting them.“
  • Stefan Nusspl (ALDE Czech Republic)
    „I can’t support the tax ideas and values promoted and supported by the European Union. They’re against the values our party.“
  • Stephan Raab (EFDD UK)
    „Tax avoidance practices helps maintaining tax competition across european countries and it belongs to human rights.“
  • Goran Norakovic (ECR UK) [With concern to the new measures involving the famous fast-food chain McRonalds]
    In line with our history we cannot agree and accept the conditions dictated by the American president. We want to offer something ours and not stick to the plans and measurements of another president in our country.“
  •  Giulia Cola (S&D PORTUGAL)
    „I found yesterday’s session really interesting, especially because it gave a broader idea about how tax avoidance practices affect the EU in general. It was good to know how much money goes lost through these practices and how all this happens under the sun in a totally legal way.“
  • Silvia Gigante (S&D Slovakia)
    „The Mock Debate was a great chance for us to know how amendments are rejected or approved.

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