Bridge over a gap

Businesspeople shaking hands together

A debate on low carbon regulations resulted in more disagreements than agreements for the members of the council. Some of them stood out and expressed their opinion more clearly than others.  Most ministers agree that there is a big gap which separates developed countries and less-developed countries. During the day people had the impression that the Council was not on a good way to reach an agreement, as some of the members  . Yet, as stated by the minister of Italy, during yesterday’s press conference, the council found its ways of communication and build a bridge to connect the two sides of the gap. The question here is „how?“.

Already in the opening statement, the minister of Italy advocated helping poorer countries meeting the necessities of the regulations, countries such as Greece. Greece‘s minister seemed to focus on new ideas about the allowances, by being against their removal. Further, he was asking to remove an equal amount from both free and auctionable allowances. About that, the minister had to face not only every other of his colleagues (especially the Swedish representative) but also the commissioner himself. Due to the situation, separation into smaller groups took place. A Benelux-alliance had been more or less secretly formed which might result in future problems. The questions is how did they get to agree on the regulations, even if the ministers themselves were unsure? The answer is Finnland. “All of you promised”, was a game-changing point, made by the minister of Finland, referring to the Paris Agreement of 2015.

There, the general agreement was on the much debated “2.2%”, and even if some countries stated that they feel more comfortable to speak their minds while others reasoned by saying that not maintaining the Paris Agreement’s aspects wouldn‘t have consequences for us, Finland seemed to have hit a weak spot. ‚After that, it was basically over‘ as said by the Minister of Luxemburg. So it seemed indeed.


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