Who We Are and What We Do

IMG_0291We are the journalists of MEU Vienna 2014. Just like on the real European floor, we are here to research and investigate in order to keep you up-to-date. We will provide information on what is happening in the two chambers, write our own, sometimes critical opinions, run the press conference and give you an outlook on the things to come up. Aside from this daily journal we will also produce podcasts, which will be linked with Facebook. Please check out the Facebook page for the picture gallery.

We are a well-mixed group from all over Europe with different interests, backgrounds and experience:

Benny is a political science student. He lives in Vienna and likes to eat and sleep a lot. Sometimes he also writes articles for various print media.

Eva is our conscience. She works for an independent radio station and has Austrian and Greek roots. She studies in Innsbruck Spanish and Italian and will also provide the podcasts for you.

Originally from Spain, Lidia majored in communication and media studies in Leipzig, Germany. She loves graphic design, works for AIESEC in Spain and soon will live in New Zealand.

Vera worked as a PR Manager at the International Society for Human Rights. She graduated Journalism in Moldova and does master´s in European Studies in Germany. As a hobby, she teaches ballet.

Johannes is the Coordinator of the Journalists and will check that every wish comes true. He is working as a press officer for different organizations and chief editor of a baseball magazine.

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