From mockup to reality – a tough way?

Thursday’s mock debate at the house of the EU focused on a fictional proposal. To help the participants getting started, a story about the US-President “Ronald Grump” gave the base for the first debate. Divided by different positions, the factions had an intense start. Is there a link to today’s discussion in the EP? In…

Keeping the EU Warm: Natural Gas Transmission Regulations

The EU is without any doubt well aware of its gas problem and it has always been. Although there are huge gas fields available in the North Sea as well as in the Groningen field in the Netherlands, Europe still cannot fully support its own gas demands. The gas collected in Europe can only fulfill the 20% of the continent demands. For such a reason the EU is called to collaborate with the natural gas providers from elsewhere outside the Union.

Martina Neuwirth (VIDC), Jozef Vasak (EU Commission), András Szigetvari (DerStandard), Claus Staringer (WU Vienna), Otto Farny (Chamber of Labour Vienna)

Tax avoidance: a never ending story

During yesterday’s opening ceremony we also got introduced into one of our main topics: tax avoidance. Claus Staringer (WU Vienna), Otto Farny (Chamber of Labour Vienna), Martina Neuwirth (Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation) and Jozef Vasak (EU Advisor on economic governance and European semester) opened the panel section and introduced the topic „tax avoidance“ into the frame of EU law system.

Keep calm and MEU on


We have collected some opinions regarding the panel session concerning tax avoidance practices and the mock debate concerning the new measures involving the famous fast-food chain McRonalds: Alexander Schlischansky (Minister of Hungary) „I really enjoyed the panel discussion. It was the greatest chance to get knowledge about tax avoidance practices and their impacts on the…

MEU Vienna: A review

MEU (Model European Union) is a project carried out in cooperation with BETA (Bringing Europeans Together Association) which aims at simulating the European law-making process on a micro level and making this foreseeable and transparent. Held every year in a different European country, MEU is the greatest opportunity young people between 18 and 30 have…


EU Energy independence: a long way to go

Since 2007 the European Union has been trying to deal with its energy supply issues. The solution shall come in form of a single European market for electricity and gas, solely based on reliable sources. Therefore, EU based organizations like ENTSOG and ENTSOE are trying to prepare the networks, but there are still questions to answer concerning Europe and its future needs.