jEUrnalists 2016


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Daniela Prugger, Rikke Mathiassen, Michael Mayrhofer, Iulia Matei, Alexandra Cwik, Vera Djemelinskaia

Rikke Mathiassen, 26, recent graduate, now working as a news journalist at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Born in Denmark, she studied TV direction in Copenhagen followed by EU Reporting in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She loves travelling and has produced short-form documentary films in both France and India.

Aleksandra Ćwik lives in Vienna since October and can already list top favourite aspects of her current base. Except for the new MA studies proudly called CREOLE: Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes at the University of Vienna, she is totally in love with the super convenient bike routes system. She likes being in the move and writing is the only thing that can stop her for a while.

Iulia Matei, a 23-year-old Romanian living and studying in Vienna, but traveling the world: continent by continent, country by country. She is passionate about everything related to Media, Communications, Human Rights & Freedom of Speech, Photography, Travel and Art. Iulia calls herself “a social media native” and recently became interested in coding.

Daniela Prugger is an editor for the Viennese business magazine „medianet“, which focuses on economic issues. Originally from Italy, she majored in communication and media studies and political science in Vienna. She is passionate about politics, travelling, music and languages.

Michael Mayrhofer is from Vienna, and he is currently studying economics at the University of Vienna. During several editorial internships in recent years his excitement about journalism, especially multimedia journalism grew a lot. Therefore, during the MEU, Michael will mainly concentrate on digital reporting and taking photographs: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr – you name it.

Vera Djemelinskaia, 26, is a journalist by spirit and training, but she moved away from Moldovan media to human rights advocacy, and then campaigning for international organizations. After graduating MA in European Studies at the University of Leipzig, she’s been working as online communications consultant in Vienna.