jEUrnalists 2017


Patricia Bartos is 20 years old, lives in beautiful Vienna and is currently studying Political Science and Journalism & Communication Science at the University of Vienna. Apart from her passion for politics, constructive discussions and probably everything that goes along with media, she is also working at a publisher called Edition Exil where she is responsible for public relations. In her quality time meeting friends and spending time with the family are the key priorities. Her next goal is to go abroad with the Erasmus+ Programme on which she´s already really excited!



Francesca Borgato, born in September, 1993. She spent her early years in Italy, where she finished her high school with focus on Latin and ancient Greek. At the age of 19 she left Italy and lived one year in the south of Austria in order to learn German. After passing all the exams she started her BA studies in Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna. Inbetween she spent one semester in Birmingham (UK) where she improved her English and German skills as well as developed interpersonal skills that she applied when interacting with her colleagues at the Aston University. She has just submitted her BA thesis. After the graduation she’s planning to start her MA studies in International Business Administration at the University of Vienna.



Liliya Buhela is a 25-year-old student at the University of Vienna who is currently working on her MA thesis in Applied Linguistics and trying to figure out what to do next. She’s a Ukrainian girl who has spent the past 3 years living in the wonderful city that is the capital of Austria and she really feels like she could make it her permanent residence sometime in the future. Most of all she likes traveling and discovering new places and new faces.



Rina Halimi, 20, living in Vienna since September 2015. She finished her German language courses and is now preparing for the Medical University entrance exam. She is a person of a curious nature who is always willing to learn something new, especially concerning Global Health, Media and Politics. Her interests include contributing and being part of different NGOs in the sphere of multiculturalism, ethnic tolerance and human rights in general. She adores surrealism, loves to pose for pictures and enjoys the company of her fellow weirdos.



Martina Igini, 19, from Italy, has been living in Vienna since March 2016. Student of Translation and Interpreting as well as Mass Media and Communication Studies, she’s already traveled throughout the globe, she’s graduated from high school in wonderful Ireland and has lived a couple of months in Berlin, where her sister studies. Art fanatic, she’s also studied drawing and sculpture for three years, but has eventually decided to follow another path. She’s already planning her next long time trip, hoping to be accepted as an Erasmus student in London next year.



Kristina Kolarić is 24 years old, born in Varazdin and currently living and studying Law in Zagreb, Croatia. She is passionate about Criminal Law and International Public Law, but also thinks people must experience different “roles” to understand and find what is the best for them. Also, one of her interests, is Spanish culture. Therfore, she is learning Spanish which could help her next goal to go abroad with Erasmus Programme, somewhere in beautiful Spain. Some of her future plans include volunteering in Legal Clinic and catching all those MUNs and MEUs. Probably, one life is not enough for all dreams and goals in her head. Kristina adores animals and nature, loves spending quality time in gym and always meeting new people.



Matea Šižgorić is 23 years old, living in Zagreb, and is currently third-year student at Faculty of law, University of Zagreb. She is also volunteer at the Legal Clinic and editor of the Pro Bono bulletin where she is also responsible for public relations. Apart from her passion for politics, she is also taking lessons in Italian. As a big fan of art in her free time she loves visiting museums, reading books, jogging and drinking coffee all day with her friends.



Jan Tewes. While beeing exactly 999 km away from his hometown, he is living the life of a student of journalism and communication studies in Vienna. He loves asking questions and even more getting to know people, so for more infos join him to have a chat!




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