jEurnalists 2018

gourp journalists 1The journalist team of 2018 would like to present themselves…


Vincent Vandenberghe, 26 years old

Vincent is a certified middle school teacher, graduate student in history and media studies and loves the EU almost as much as chocolate!

Marco Ligas, 23 years old

Marco is a freshman student. He was originally born in Italy, grew up in Germany and has been living in a few countries around Europe, which is why he’s an advocator of the EU. The journalist role represents his future goal to become an actual journalist, also the reason to why he’s studying communication in Vienna.

Rina Halimi, 21 years old

Rina from Macedonia living in Vienna since September 2015. She is a Political Science student with an adventurous spirit and wide ranging curiosity that always pushes her to explore and learn new things. She is very interested in the matters of Global Health, Media and Politics. Rina likes contributing and being part of different NGOs in the sphere of multiculturalism, ethnic tolerance and human rights in general. Taking pictures, reading novels, visiting different museums are her favorite things to do in her free time.

Nina Chahin, 21 years old

Her Name is Nina, born in Vienna but comes originally from Lebanon. She
attended the French School in Vienna which made her grow up in an international environment. Currently she’s studying Media and Communication Science at the University of Vienna. It’s her first MEU but she has participated in Model United Nations before. She would like to pursue a career in political journalism.

Nilsu Bekar, 22 years old

Nilsu is from Turkey is currently living in Vienna. She is studying Biology and Mass Media&Communication and is eager to get degree in both specialities. Her hobbies are travelling around the world and playing the piano

Leyla Karimbayli, 20 years old

Let me introduce you Leyla, a girl from Baku, Azerbaijan. Her specialty is Economics and she is already an employee in the audit company. She was the only International Journalist in our little team.

Laura Tagnotti, 24 years old

She grew up in Switzerland but has roots in Ukraine and Italy. After some detours she decided to study Transcultural Communication at Vienna University, since she loves languages and wanted to study something with a practical approach. She has a love-hate relationship with politics, nevertheless she wanted to get a sense for how politics work in real life, that is why she is participating in the MEUV 2018. To keep her head and body balanced, she practices Taekwondo as many times as possible a week. Even though she’s Swiss, she doesn’t like Emmentaler cheese that much.

Jan Tewes, 28 years old

This year’s team coordinator is a last year’s participant himself. Student of media- & and journalism studies, active student representativ and marketing manager. Europe is for him bringing people together. Europe is MEU.