jEUrnalists 2015



(Left to right): Lara Kontoratchi, Marsida Toska, Alessia Sofia Giorgiutti, Tara McLeod Williams, Levin Wotke, Vera Djemelinskaia

The MEU Vienna got a year older – and so did the journalists team, allowing itself to became one member larger. This year not only we managed to be there with a fresh issue of The jEUrnal, but also heavily moved online – with #MEUVienna updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr. What can we say – you are welcome. Meet the brave jEUrnalists of MEU Vienna 2015:

Tara is Manchester born, London living Journalism student and Enthusiast, avid globe trotter, director of
#EducateUs campaign @PoliticsEd, Editor of Zero Sum Magazine.

Vera is a journalist and occasionally blogger (WCY Social Media Fellow/ @djema_v/ She lives in Austria, studied in Germany, born in Moldova, but continues with classical ballet everywhere she goes. She is finishing her internship in communications and media relations at the OSCE, Vienna.

Lara is a business law student, specializing in competition and distribution, in her last year at the University of Rennes (France). She did an Erasmus in Maastricht and joined MEU press team to get an insight in the law making process. Travel, sport and photography, as well as people sharing their experiences is what makes Lara happy.

Alessia Sofia, Italian, 19 y/o, “International studies & Diplomacy” student, sometimes ice-cream girl & promoter, she loves literature and loud balkanic music. After two weeks in Dallas, TX, she found out she has a talent for cowboys’ “Yee-haw” and also speaks with an accent. She’s proficient in friendship and quality time, which invariably means fortune telling with cards, chiromancy, free hugs and psychotherapy. She also enjoys writing about “stuff” sometimes (such as politics&economics, philosophy plus poetry) and once proudly appeared in print as the winner of Tiziano Terzani’s National Award for Teenagers and writer of a contribution to dr. Irene Bolzon’s book. Follow “Alessia Sofia Gioriutti” on FB, Twitter @alessiasofiaG,

Levin, 23 from Graz, Austria, is living in Vienna, trying to get ahead with his studies while watching his guitar playing skills deteriorate. He has got an immense library of unread and un-touched books. He’s learning Russian and generally wants to get out of Austria more often.

Marsida is a student, who studies Translation and Interpreting in Germany. She is an Albanian national raised in Greece. She is passionate with Latin and ancient Greek and loves literature, rock music and writing articles on philosophical subjects.

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