The first #MEUVienna press conference was held on the topic of the Dublin III Regulation and the Tobacco Directive. The European Parliament was represented by four members: Mr. Mojzes (EON), Mr. Chirodea (NGL), Mr. Boysen (ALDE) and Mr. Gärner (EPP), and the Council by two Ministers, Annkatrin Mies from Denmark and Maximilian Vieler from Greece. 

Who’s Who in the European Parliament

While most faction leaders come across as talkative to the press, and thus to the public, the S&D seems to isolate itself today. “We want to concentrate on the young people. It should become socially unacceptable to smoke”, said one MEP today and suggests harmonisation of the rules on a European Level. 

When I Grow Up…

Except for unforgettable stories, real friendships and pictures with a microphone, #MEUVienna gives priceless experience and loads eager heads of participants with practical and inestimably useful knowledge. But how can one use it to approach his or her future goals? What are the dreams and ambitions of our participants? Let us take a look at…

Time Flies

Yesterday’s long awaited press conference finished another day of our simulation and brought us already to its second part. Indeed, time flies, as merely seventy two hours ago probably most of our, now well acquainted and relaxed, participants felt pleasant butterflies in their stomach as a sign of the excitement and huge expectations.